The Intrepid Eater’s Top 10 Goose Recipes

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I’ve spoken at great length about the merits of eating wild goose. I even wrote a whole article on it!

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I’ve also shared my thoughts on podcasts as well.

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It’s a subject I’m passionate about since I see so many people making bad goose, or telling others not to bother with it, when I know that it’s amazing when cooked properly.

Goose is an incredibly sustainable wild meat source. Today there are more Canada geese than ever before in history… ever! We’ve created the perfect conditions for geese to thrive including golf courses, parks, grassy boulevards, and manicured lakeshores and riverbanks. Many geese have even given up migration as milder urban weather and a constant food source are available to them year round.

Snow geese have become so plentiful that the Canadian hunting regulations stipulate a 20 bird per day bag limit and no possession limit at all. The overly generous bag limits are being used to help control the booming populations of these geese.

Each goose provides a large amount of meat as well, with many of the birds reaching 15lbs. With daily bag limits of 5 Canada geese or 20 snow geese, that can amount to a lot of meat to fill the freezer with. The trick though is learning how to cook that meat properly. So many people insist on roasting their geese whole, which generally ends up in disappointment. The trick is to cook the breasts and legs separately, as each has different needs when it comes to cooking temperature and timing.

Luckily, I created a pictorial guide on how to butcher your goose once you get it home and separate it into pieces.

Here’s the guide:

Due to a diet consisting largely of grass, goose meat comes across like grass-fed beef, especially the breasts which can be compared to grass-fed sirloin beef steaks. The legs, when slow cooked, become fall-apart tender and have a rich delicious flavour. Goose is a very versatile ingredient, as you’ll see in this collection of my favourite top 10 goose recipes!

Be sure to head to for more goose recipes, as well as recipes for goose livers and gizzards.


And now, without further preamble, here are the Intrepid Eater’s Top 10 Goose Recipes!


Top 10 Goose Recipes #1:

Canada Goose Curry Buns!

These were probably one of the best things I’ve made with Canada goose so far. Inspired by the delicious curry beef buns that I’d snag from the local Chinese bakery when I used to live in Ottawa’s Chinatown, I replaced the beef with freshly ground goose and packed the buns with way more meat than you’d get at the store. Delicious! 

canada goose curry buns

Goose Recipe #2:

Goose Recipe #3:

Goose Recipe #4:

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Bonus Goose Recipe: