These are 10 of my favourite venison recipes from the Intrepid Eater website. I think they highlight just how versatile a meat venison can be! They are by no means the only venison recipes on the site though. Type venison into the search bar and see which recipes appeal to you the most!

Now with no further ado, here they are:

#1. Turkish Venison Meatball Stew

#2. Middle Eastern Venison Wraps

#3. Venison Steak and Mushroom Miso Ramen

#4. Oktoberfest Beer and Cheese Soup with Venison Meatballs

#5. Venison Korean Bulgogi Kimbap Rolls

#6. Venison Shank Ragù

#7. Chipotle Venison Pot Roast on Hatch Grits

#8. Venison and Mushroom Gravy on Toast

#9. Venison Saag Gosht


#10. Venison Shank Sliders


Bonus Venison Recipe: